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Last Update: January 14th, 2014

NOTE: Each presentation begins with important pre-announcements and speaker intro at 
           1:20 PM at Hebron Christian Reformed Church 
            (see Location Page for directions and parking).

   Reference the Registration Page for eligible participants.

Durham Lifelong Learning's purpose is to promote intellectual stimulation through 
presentations on a variety of topics. The views and opinions expressed by an 
individual presenter may not be those shared by Durham Lifelong Learning.

March 4th "How Astronomy has Changed Humankind's Perception of the Universe" - Dr. Brar will have us look at some of the most important astronomical discoveries throughout history and how these discoveries have shaped the way we view our Universe and our place in it. Since winning the title of Ontario's Best Lecturer in TVO's Big Ideas Lecturer Competition in 2010, our presenter has been in demand to provide numerous public presentations. His topic is certain to be enlightening and informative for all who attend.
Dr. Rupinder Brar
Senior Lecturer of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) in Oshawa, Ontario

March 11th "Tracing the Roots Of A Novel 42 Years In The Making" - Terry provided a most humorous and insightful presentation to DLL three years ago when his first book "The Best Laid Plans" won the 2008 Leacock Medal for Humour and also the CBC Canada Reads crown.

Recently, a six-part television miniseries based on the novel aired on CBC. Since then, he wrote a sequel, "The High Road" and on this visit with us, he will share highlights about "tracing the roots" of his recent novel "Up And Down" which won the Ontario Library Association's 2013 Evergreen Award for the best in fiction or nonfiction as voted by library patrons across Ontario.

Terry Fallis
Author, speaker, former communication consultant(corporate & government), speech writer

March 18th "Cambodia in the Twentieth Century" - Cambodia is a remarkable destination because it is the location of some of the greatest ancient temples of the world. It also has a tragic twentieth century history.

Travel to this country with our presenter for an exploration of the history that led to the infamous Pol Pot regime of the 1970's, the reality of this time for Cambodians and the slow recovery of this forgotten country into the twenty-first century.

Amanda McKee
Biology & Chemistry teacher with Durham District School Board, traveller to UNESCO world heritage sites in support of her Anthropology studies
March 25th "Caring for the 'Other' in a Broken World: the Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer" - "This lecture will explore the life of one of the martyrs of the twentieth century. Dietrich Bonhoeffer's role in resisting the Nazi regime even prior to World War II, led him to stand in solidarity with German Jews.

We will explore his legacy and how his ideas have been used to promote a greater sense of justice and peace in the ensuing years."

Dr. Andrew Stirling
Timothy Eaton Memorial Church senior minister, author, editor
April 1st "A Listener's Guide to Jazz" - Based on the successful course, "Jazz 101: The Beginner's Guide to Jazz", this presentation will provide insights into the understanding and appreciation of jazz. Using audio and video clips of outstanding artists from various eras, you'll learn about the history and development of the music. He will look at tactics for listening in new ways and highlight important innovators and stylists, with special emphasis on Canadian contributors.
Mr. Mark Micklethwaite
Community Engagement and Education Manager at JAZZ.FM91
April 8th "History From the Feet Up: The Collection of the Bata Shoe Museum" - The Bata Shoe Museum houses artifacts from many geographic areas, time periods and cultural groups. With about 1000 items of footwear on display at any given time, the Museum has a lot to show and tell, especially the collection of footwear of notable people which includes performers, athletes, politicians and artists who have inspired us all with their skills and finesse.

Ms. Knox is passionate about sharing the specialized collection of the Bata Shoe Museum, which spans the globe and world history. She firmly believes that we can all learn a lot about people from what they wear on their feet! Our learning journey will surely be uniquely expanded here.

Sheila Knox
Education Head at the Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto
April 15th "The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario's Shoreline" - Whether you hike, bike, ride the rails, or drive, the shore of Lake Ontario can yield a treasure trove of heritage sites and natural beauty -- if you know where to look.

Travel with Ron Brown as he probes the shoreline of the Canadian side of Lake Ontario to discover its hidden heritage. From small communities to the megacity of Toronto, history lives on in the buildings, bridges, canals, rail lines, and homes that have survived, and in the stories, both well-known and long-forgotten, of the people and places no longer here. In 'From Queenston to Kingston', Ron Brown provides today's explorers with a window into Ontario's not so distant past and shares a hope that, in future, progress and historical preservation go hand in hand.

Ron Brown
Author, geographer, travel writer, tour guide
April 22nd "10 People who have Influenced Toronto's History" - Not all people who have made an impact on history were born into fame or power. Many influential people came from humble backgrounds and rose up to become leaders in their fields and thus had a great impact on history. Bruce Bell's talk will include just some of the hundreds of people who have made a great contribution to Toronto's history- some born here and some who only came for a visit but their time spent here was quite remarkable. Bruce's presentation will certainly help to "refresh" our memories.
Bruce Bell
Historian, author, Toronto tour guide
A SPEECH MAY LAST 60 MINUTES...ITS IMPACT CAN LAST FOREVER Reference Library Page A new page has been added to the site to provide references that speakers have left for participants who may be interested in pursuing a topic of a speech or lecture that was presented by the DLL. Click the following link.          Reference Library Page