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Last Update: June 19th, 2014

NOTE: Each presentation begins with important pre-announcements and speaker intro at 
           1:20 PM at Hebron Christian Reformed Church 
            (see Location Page for directions and parking).

   Reference the Registration Page for eligible participants.

Durham Lifelong Learning's purpose is to promote intellectual stimulation through 
presentations on a variety of topics. The views and opinions expressed by an 
individual presenter may not be those shared by Durham Lifelong Learning.

FALL 2014 - October
October 7th "Dealing With The Dragon" - China is emerging as the major foreign policy challenge for Canada. Key to our future prosperity, it is also shaping the global agenda on issues like health, food safety and climate change. It is playing an increasingly assertive role in its region and beyond, a change in the world order that now resonates here in Canada.

What should we be doing to maximize the advantages and minimize the risks implicit in China's rise? Our well-qualified speaker will address these vital issues.

David Mulroney
Canada's Ambassador to The People's Republic of China (2009-2012), Distinguished Senior Fellow at U. of T. Munk School of Global Affairs.

October 14th "Exploring in the 21st Century" - Think the age of exploration is over? Think again. Professional explorer Adam Shoalts has made the first descent in recorded history of three different rivers and discovered unknown waterfalls. His expeditions, sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, have ranged from the jungles of the Amazon to the desolate tundra of the Arctic.

His specialty is canoeing rivers that are so remote they have no names and in some cases, are not even accurately mapped. Our speaker will share photos and experiences from his latest expedition to a nameless river some 300 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

Adam Shoalts
Writer, Modern Day Wilderness Explorer, Public Speaker

October 21st "Adolphus Payne and The Boyd Gang" - Our presenter looks into the intriguing lives of Adolphus Payne, a police officer who grew up near Newtonville, Ont. and the famous Toronto bank robbers Edwin Alonzo Boyd, Steve Suchan, Lennie Jackson and Willie Jackson.

The presentation shows how Payne captured them initially and how public opinion of the gang changed dramatically after they murdered a police officer. The presentation (with visuals) also shows how crime and criminals have changed dramatically over the past 60 years.

Myno Van Dyke
Newcastle Village and District Historical Society member, Former Durham Police Detective, Antique Car Hobbyist
October 28th "The New Landscapes of Privacy" - The Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (PIPEDA) – Canada’s private sector privacy legislation – came fully into force on January 1, 2004. In the ten years since, we have seen an explosion in the amount of personal information being generated by and about Canadians, and in the ways that organizations are using this information.

This presentation will speak to the privacy landscape in Canada, the priority issues for the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), and how the OPC has adapted its private sector compliance techniques to meet the challenges of protecting privacy in the age of data.

Vance Lockton
Acting Director, Toronto Regional Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
FALL 2014 - November
November 4th "Let's Talk About Mental Health" - As our physical health needs change, so do our mental health needs. But how do we improve our mental health and what words are we missing to assist us in the courageous conversations that support positive mental health?

We all have mental health. Our highly-qualified speaker will ignite our interest in this topic and engage us in a dialogue about changing mind sets and how each of us can contribute to creating mentally healthier communities.

Allison Potts
New Mental Health Leader for Durham District School Board, Social Worker (previously associated with Lakeridge Health)
November 11th "The Great Escape: A Canadian Story" - It’s the war story we think we know … but don’t! The Great Escape is not an American story. It's not even a British story. So, the story that everybody thinks they know, gets the proper telling by our presenter - based on Barris’s many years of interviewing, research and acquisition of diaries, letters, documents and never before seen photography. For those who attend, factual history will now be revealed!
Ted Barris
Author, journalist, broadcaster, professor of journalism (Centennial College)
November 18th "History of UOIT on its 10th Anniversary" - Gary Polonsky began thinking about a university in Durham Region in 1989. In May 2001, it was announced and in Sept. 2003, it began (with Gary as Founding President). What happened in between as well as in its early years had its fair share of sacrifice, drama and elation, all of which Gary will share in his address.
Gary Polonsky
Former president of UOIT and Durham College, Chairman of the Canada Science & Technology Museum Board of Trustees
November 25th "A Humorous Look at Photography and Travel" - Our speaker will share fascinating images, stories and humorous sketches that have "coloured" his personal journey while travelling to over 90 countries where he has photographed some of the most exotic locations on our planet.

Jonathan writes monthly columns in magazines and newspapers and has published nine books sharing his photographic knowledge and experiences. He has spoken to many groups as large as 1500 around the world and conducts photographic tours. This global visual and anecdotal journey is not to be missed.

Jonathan van Bilsen
Professional photographer, author, columnist, speaker
A SPEECH MAY LAST 60 MINUTES...ITS IMPACT CAN LAST FOREVER Reference Library Page A new page has been added to the site to provide references that speakers have left for participants who may be interested in pursuing a topic of a speech or lecture that was presented by the DLL. Click the following link.          Reference Library Page